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Lipo Laser Machines

Lipo Laser Machines: The New Fat-Burning Must-have for your Spa

With the advent of new technological developments in healthcare, jumping on your weight loss journey had become easier, hassle-free, and more effective than ever! Gone are the days when going on a strict diet with only green-leafy foods to sustain you, or enduring hours of vigorous sweat-inducing workouts and exercises are your only option of losing that excess fat in unwanted areas of your body.

If going under the needle and surgical fat removal options scare you away from achieving that fit, sculpted, and healthy body that you have always wanted, then you’ll be surprised at what the Lipolaser Slimming Machine and Treatment can do for you!

Lipolaser Slimming Machines are a perfect addition to health, wellness, and beauty spas as they are effective, hassle-free, and offer quick results that will satisfy the beauty and wellness needs of your clients and keep them coming back for more beauty sessions!

Professional Laser Lipo Equipment

What is a Lipolaser Equipment?

Lipolaser equipment consists of the main base with a touchscreen control panel, where you can adjust the settings for the energy, timer, and light modes of the laser. The main base also connects with the power cord, as well as the cord for the laser pads.

Lipolaser pads come in different sizes and numbers according to the kind of machine that you will purchase. An average Lipolaser machine has 6 large laser pads that may be used on broader areas of the body such as the stomach, lower abdomen, in the back, and the thighs, while the 2 smaller laser pads may be used in smaller and narrower areas of the body such as in the neck, chin, and in the arms.

Usually, larger and more expensive Lipolaser Slimming Machines have 8 to 10 large pads and 4 smaller ones. On the other hand, other Lipolaser machines also include additional special features and uses such as cavitation probes and vacuum probes for other fat reduction treatments that spas and wellness centers can offer their clients.

For personal use and home users, there are also small and portable lipo laser machines that you can use in the comfort of your own home. However, it is important to note that before using Lipolaser treatment at home, you have to make sure that you are knowledgeable about the procedure and possible risks. This way you can best be prepared as you embark on your weight loss journey at the comfort of your own home.

What benefits can your clients get from Lipolaser Machines?

Health and Beauty Spas with a wide array of Lipolaser Machines in their wellness programs can offer their clients an easy, hassle-free, and quick-result fat removal with Lipolaser treatment and sessions.

Since laser diodes and heat energy will be used to burn fat from target areas in the clients’ body, the treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical. Hence, there will be no incisions, cuts, or damage to the skin. Thus, clients who feel uncomfortable with needles and surgical procedures will be assured that they can lose excess fat in a painless and hassle-free, and safe way!

Additionally, since Laserlipo treatments shrink fat cells and eliminate them naturally through the body’s waste system instead of removing them completely, the elasticity of the skin is rarely affected. Instead of having patches of excess, flabby skin left after the fat removal, the client's skin will remain supple, tight, and smooth.

Lipolaser treatments, therefore, are not only good for losing those excess fats and love handles in your body, but they also make sure that your skin remains glowing and healthy after each treatment session!

What are the Types of Lipolaser Systems?

There are two types of Lipolaser Systems: the non-invasive and the minimally-invasive Lipolaser systems.

The non-invasive Lipolaser systems make use of laser diodes and heating pads to heat-up target key target areas such as the lower abdomen, back areas, arms, thighs, neck, and chin. This type of fat-burning system works best for body contouring or enhancing certain areas and parts of the body instead of overall weight loss.

Since the non-invasive Lipolaser system does not puncture holes in the body, they shrink fat cells instead of removing them from the body. Hence, to maintain the results of this type of Lipolaser treatment, the client needs to lead a healthy lifestyle by having a balanced diet and active lifestyle to keep the fat cells from filling up again and to burn the excess fats and energy released by the shrunk fat cell.

On the other hand, minimally-invasive Lipolaser systems are much like non-invasive Lipolaser systems as they both use laser technology to melt away excess fats in the body. However, the main difference between the two is that minimally-invasive laser lipo leaves a small cut in the skin where a small needle will suction away the melted fat resulting in faster and more visible fat reduction results.

Since there will be a small surgical procedure involved, trained medical professionals will be needed to perform the procedure and there are no portable home-use options for this treatment. Since local anesthetic will also be used and a small hole will be punctured in the body, clients would also need time to rest and recover from the treatment, unlike the no-downtime sessions in non-invasive lipo laser systems.

How does Lipolaser Machines Work?

Generally, both systems of Lipolaser Machines work by exposing key target areas in the body with unwanted excess fat to Laser Light Emitting Diodes (LED). The heat and energy from these LED Lasers would then penetrate the skin and poke holes in subcutaneous fat cells.

Once the fat cells are punctured, lipids and triglycerides, which are a form of stored energy, are released inside the body. When these substances are released, the body would then need to dispose of this energy surplus by burning them either through a full-body sauna or an intense 25 to 30-minute cardiovascular workout.

The body will then naturally excrete the shrunken fat cells and energy surplus through sweat and natural bodily processes, leaving clients with a slimmer and well-sculpted figure. Of course, to maintain this figure, the client would need to lead an active lifestyle and a healthy diet to prevent fat cells in the body from storing up excess lipids again.

In minimally-invasive Laser Lipo machines with vacuum features, there is no need to burn and excrete excess fat since they will be removed from the body by removing and vacuuming the excess fatty substances and shrunken fat cells out of the body.

Lipo Laser Treatment

What is Lipolaser Treatment?

Lipolaser treatment is a fat-burning session where Laser LED lights are focused on areas of the body with high-fat concentration such as in the lower abdomen, stomach, arms, thighs, neck, chin, and back.

The treatments usually last 20 - 30 minutes depending on the area of the body to be treated as well as the concentration of fat in the area. Some treatments follow up with a 30-minute full-body sauna as well to burn off the excess energy released by shrinking and burning the fat cells.

Who Needs Lipolaser Treatment?

People who need Lipolaser treatments are usually the ones who are ideally 25 pounds or less of their Body Mass Index. BMI is a person’s ideal body weight as is measured against their height.

Ideally if one wants to undergo a Laser Lipo treatment, they usually have target areas in their body where they want to lose the extra weight, i.e. flabby arms, thick thighs, a double chin, or love handles on the back. This is due to the small area covered by the laser pads, Lipolaser works best when sculpting and contouring certain body parts instead of an overall weight reduction.

Lipolaser Results

Laser Lipo treatments usually work by targeting fat cells in key areas of the body and shrinking them to release energy. Hence, the treatment works after a few repetitive sessions to ensure that there all fat cells in a particular area of the body are shrunken and are drained of lipids and triglycerides, that store energy.

Additionally, since the treatment requires the client to burn the excess fat off, results would not be visible unless the energy surplus released by the fat cells is utilized. Hence, one needs to maintain the results of the treatment through an active lifestyle and a healthy diet.

How often should you get Lipolaser Treatments?

Since non-invasive Laser Lipo treatments incur no recovery time for clients, Lipolaser treatments may be administered every other day with a one-day rest in between to ensure that all the energy released from the initial sessions be utilized before proceeding with another session.

An average treatment would often last for around 5 to 8 sessions depending on the body part being treated and the density of fat accumulation there is. The larger the body part, say for example the lower abdomen, thighs, and back, the more sessions are needed to burn all the fat off. On the other hand, body parts with smaller surface areas and less density of fat accumulation would take less time to be treated such as in the neck, chin, and arms.

For quick, visible effect, a maximum of 12 sessions per key target area in the body is advised followed by either a full-body sauna or a 30-minute intense cardio workout to trim off the excess fat and energy released within the body. For an average treatment, it would take about 10 days to 2 weeks to see visible results from the treatment. Hence, clients should be advised not to skip sessions or stop in the middle of treatments if they don’t immediately see results.

Do Lipolaser Side effects hurt?

Much of Lipolaser's side effects are geared towards minimally-invasive procedures as these treatment cuts the skin and is inserted inside the body through a vacuuming needle. Hence, side effects may include the risk of infection and inflammation of the insertion site for at least a few days until recovery.

Consequently, since non-invasive Laser Lipo treatments neither perform an incision nor are inserted within the skin, the side effects are minimal and non-existent. The usual side effect clients noted for non-invasive lipo laser procedures are small patches of tender skin in areas exposed to the Laser diodes. These small burning feelings usually dissipate by the end of the day.

What is the after-care for Lipolaser?

Lipolaser procedures and treatments require no extensive after-care and recovery time due to their non-invasive, safe, and hassle-free nature. However, it is imperative for clients to burn off the excess fat in their system, so a 30-minute intensive workout after a session is mandatory.

Also, since the spot where the skin is exposed to the Laser Diodes might be tender and inflamed, clients are advised to wear loose-fitting cotton clothes so as not to further irritate the area.

Patients who undergo the minimally-invasive system of Lipolaser treatments usually undergo a local anesthetic so they wouldn’t feel much pain during treatment. Hence, they might need to rest for the rest of the day after the treatment to ensure that the effects of the local anesthetic would not affect their regular day-to-day function.

Additionally, since a small subcutaneous incision will be made, the patient is then advised to clean the wound regularly with anti-septic medicine and replace the bandage regularly for hygienic purposes. This would be done until the small cut heals and close up naturally.

How long do Lipolaser results last?

Lipolaser results can last for a long time as long as it is maintained through a balanced diet and an active lifestyle. Since the fat cells tend to store lipids and triglycerides again if not kept in check, it is important to prevent these circumstances by burning off the energy surplus.

Ensuring that the energy you utilize each day is greater or at least equal to the caloric intake that you have means that excess fats will not be stored within the body and will instead be used as energy. This way, Lipolaser results will last longer and show more visible results.

Can you have Lipolaser after Botox?

Although Lipolaser and Botox have no contraindications as both aim to tighten and lift sagging parts of the skin, it is perhaps advisable to wait a few months after having a botox to schedule a Laser Lipo treatment. Waiting a few months gives the skin enough time to recover from the initial treatment.

However, if the Lipo Laser procedure would be performed in a part of the body that did not receive Botox treatment then having both the treatment done on the same day would not be a problem.

Lipolaser Pros and Cons

Although getting a Lipolaser treatment may seem daunting at first, rest assured that with the right Laser Lipo Slimming equipment in your arsenal, the benefits outweigh the fears. To help make up your mind on receiving Laser Lipo treatments or investing in Lipo Laser machines, here are some pros and cons you might want to consider:

The Pros:

  1. Laser Lipo treatments are safe, pain-free, and hassle-free. Since the treatment will only be using laser energy, the procedure will be painless and would not require surgery, and leave medical scars on the body.
  2. Both the procedure and results are fast and effective. An average session only takes 30 minutes, and since no recovery time is required after the treatment, you are good to go after a session. Once the excess fats and energy are burned off, you can already see visible results in your weight loss journey.

The Cons:

  1. The treatment is not for everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible to receive a Lipolaser treatment. Only those who are 25 pounds or less above their normal body weight are ideal candidates for the treatment. Additionally, you need to have good skin elasticity and good health to receive the treatment.

  1. The procedure focus on body-sculpting other than overall weight loss. Since the laser pads can only accommodate certain areas of the body at a time, the treatment is used more for toning down and sculpting areas in the body rather than promoting a full-body weight reduction.

Lipolaser cost in the US

Another reason why one might be hesitant to proceed with a Lipolaser treatment might be the cost. Since it is a cosmetic procedure rather than a medical one, most health insurance does not cover the hefty costs of treatment.

Of course, the price of the treatment varies on the particular part of the body you want to get treated as well as the accumulation of fat density.

In the US, Lipolaser treatment could cost around $800 - $1500 for a package deal of 8 treatment sessions. Some wellness centers and spas offer Groupon deals for as low as $50 per treatment session but these deals can be hard to come by.

Lipo Laser Alternatives

Lipolaser vs Cavitation

Like Laserlipo treatments, cavitation is a non-invasive fat reduction process that eliminates fat cells from inside your body. Instead of laser pads, cavitation uses 40k ultrasound waves that break apart fat cells instead of poking holes and shrinking them. Once, these fat cells are broken apart, the body can then process them as wastes or burned them for energy use.

Cavitation treatments usually cost around $1000 and would take 2 to 3 sessions. Since the treatment would be usually pressure and ultrasound technology, common side effects include a little bit of pain and bruising on the treatment area.

Lipolaser vs Vacuum Massage

Another non-invasive fat reduction treatment is Vacuum Massage. Like Lipolsaser, this treatment does not need a surgical procedure. Instead, this procedure uses Radio Frequency, vacuum suction, and air pressure to stimulate key areas in the body, break apart fat cells and release energy stored in the body.

Much like the lipo laser, the treatment lasts for less than an hour and feels like a combination of a sauna and a full-body massage. Since the treatment stimulates the skin, this procedure also promotes the tightening of the skin resulting in a smoother and flawless appearance. However, more visible results can be seen from Lipolaser than in a vacuum massage as the session is more of an elective cosmetic procedure than an actual body-sculpting treatment.

Lipolaser vs EMS

On the other, if your clients want to lose fats and build muscles at the same time then EMS or Electromagnetic Sculpting might be the go-to procedure for them.

However, this treatment only works for areas in the buttocks and in lower abdomen regions where there is an accumulation of both fat and muscle mass. The procedure works by placing EMS pads on the target areas that induces a contracting motion in the body. The contraction burns away excess fat and builds up the muscle in the body.

Hence, if your clients want to lose excess fat and build a set of abs and muscles, this might be the treatment for them.

Lipolaser vs Coolsculpting

The main difference between Lipolaser and Coolsculpting treatments varies in how they eliminate fat cells. While the Lipolaser treatment burns away fat cells by using Laser diodes to penetrate the skins and poke holes in fat cells, Coolsculpting works by applying the applicator in the skin and freezing fat cells under the skin. These fat cells are then eliminated naturally from the body within the span of 1 to 2 months.

Hence, if you want quick results, then Lipolaser is the best treatment procedure for you since results are visible almost immediately after treatment and an intensive workout session.

Performing LipoLaser Treatment

Who can Perform Lipo Laser Treatment?

Non-invasive lipo laser treatment can be performed easily by trained technicians and spa and wellness personnel. There are instances that these machines can also be operated by home users as long as they are trained or are knowledgeable about how the machine works.

Consequently, minimally-invasive lipo laser procedures require trained medical staff to perform treatments as they require numbing and incision in the body.

How to use a Lipo Laser Machine?

Laser Lipo machines work much like any other beauty and wellness equipment. The main machine plugs into a power cord, and a touch screen control panel adjusts the amount of energy, timer, and intensity of the laser light.

Accessories such as the laser pads and other additional features such as a vacuuming probe and cavitation heads are then plugged into the machine. They are fastened on the side of the main base for accessibility and ease of use.

The target area where the procedure will be done will be sanitized using alcohol and cotton swabs or pads. Bandages and stretchy straps are fastened along the target area to keep the laser pads in place during treatment.

After a regular 30-minute treatment, the straps are removed, and the laser pads are returned to their place on the side of the main machine. The clients are then advised to either strip down for a full-body sauna or are sent off and advised to do an intensive 30-minute cardio workout.

Benefits Of Lipolaser Machine For Your Spa Business

Having a Lipolaser machine in your spa and wellness center opens up a lot of doors of opportunity for both your clients and yourself. Not only would you be offering a safe, hassle-free, and non-invasive fat reduction treatment but clients will also achieve quick visible results within a few days of the session.

Gone are the days when fat removal and weight loss are synonymous with painful, expensive, and exclusive medical treatments. Nowadays, with the help of LipoLaser Slimming Machines, achieving a slim-fit figure is can easily be within your reach!